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Coats United

Methodist Church

288 East South Street

P.O.Box 388

Coats, NC 27521


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Vision, Mission, and Core Values for Coats UMC

Our Vision

"Coats United Methodist Church is a Christ-Centered Community, welcoming all people, and learning to love and serve God and Neighbor."


Our Mission

"The mission of Coats United Methodist Church is to share the love of Christ by reaching out into the neighborhood and making disciples by providing opportunities for spiritual growth through teaching worship and fellowship."


Our Core Values

  1. "We are a Christ-centered fellowship, which invites people to experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and become His disciples."
  2. "Through the Bible we encounter God's living word making Bible study essential to our formation as Christian disciples."
  3. "The stewardship of our time, our talents and our resources is a vital element in our spiritual growth."
  4. "Prayer is a means of grace through which we enter into a personal relationship to God through the Holy Spirit."
  5. "We endeavor to be a caring community of mutual support and accountability."
  6. "We are a diverse congregation, which values the worth of every individual; believing that God's grace is present in and for all."
  7. "Every Christian is gifted and called by God to be in ministry."
  8. "We are called as servents to witness to God's love for all people through missions."
  9. "The Christian life is one of a personal relationship with Christ."
  10. "In vital worship, we encounter and honor God in Word and Sacrament - instilling hope, fostering healing, and empowering discipleship."

A guide on the way

Pastor Rick Wilkerson

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Rev. Wilkerson has served as a United Methodist pastor since 1984 and pastor of Coats UMC since July 2011.  He has served churches from Burlington to Knightdale and was the founding pastor of Genesis UMC in Cary.  His main mission in minitry has been to team up with church members and

  • encourage people of all ages to deepen their commitment to live as disciples of Jesus Christ through worship and teaching
  • reach out and build relationships with folks in the church and community
  • serve people in and beyon the local community by responding to practical and spiritual needs